Ambra Multi G Oil 10W30

110.00 incl. VAT

Ambra Multi G 10W-30 is a multi-functional lubricant (U.T.T.O) especially for the power transmission of tractors and agricultural machinery from New Holland. Multi G guarantees maximum protection and efficiency for conventional gear shifts, power shift and shuttle shift transmissions, oil bath brakes, side reduction gears, wheel reducers, differentials, hydraulic lifting devices, mechanical and hydrostatic steering or power steering.

  • Optimal protection against wear under heavy loads and at low speeds. Excellent anti-stick & slip properties to ensure maximum braking effectiveness.
  • High viscosity index to optimize servo control response at any working temperature.
  • High heat resistance to guarantee the constant pressure in the lubrication circuit
  • Optimal fluidity to reduce force absorption and improve hydraulic circuit performance.

Multi G can be used in every season. Oil change according to the manufacturer's instructions.