215 AMP Gas / Gasless MIG Welder (230V)

1,150.00 incl. VAT

Supplied set up in gas mode, but can also easily be switched to gasless mode by a simple change of polarity Use in gasless mode will require the purchase of a spool of fluxed cored wire, a pack of 1.0mm tips and a 1.0mm wire feed roller

  • Welder MIG
  • Max. Input Current 8.95kVA
  • Input Power 230V Single Phase
  • Output Range 40-215A
  • Rated Duty Cycle 60% 100A, 30% @ 145A, 15% @ 215A
  • Cooling System System: Forced Air
  • Torch Non-live
  • Gas Type CO2 / Argon Mix & Argon & CO2
  • Wire Capacity 5-15kg
  • Output Current 100-215A
  • Gross Weight 44 kgs